Tarka Trail


Audio Guides

Tarka Trail yellow audio post

Keep an eye out for the 21 yellow-topped Audio Guide posts along the Tarka Trail between Braunton and Meeth.

Each Audio Guide post has an information panel next to it giving a short summary of the information available and a QR code which can be scanned to access further information and downloads.

Download or play directly from your browser

You can download any of the 21 Audio Guide recordings as you go along, each corresponding to a given location on the Tarka Trail. The recordings contain information on wildlife, history and heritage.

The Audio Guide recordings can be listened to directly in your browser by clicking on the file icons below, or they can be downloaded for playback on a phone or media player by right-clicking and using the ‘save as’ option.

1: Velator Wetlands
2: Mud
3: On the verge
4: From rail to trail
5. Saltmarsh
6. Farming for wildlife
7: Fremington cuttings
8: Trade at Fremington
9: Isley Marsh
10: Instow pond
11: Lime Kilns
12: Tides
13: Rolle canal
14: Otters
15: Salmon
16: Bats
17: Coppice
18: Dormice
19: Culm grassland
20: Butterflies
21: Woodlands