Repairs complete

American Road Braunton Burrows

Road surfacing repairs to the American road are now complete and the bridleway has been reopened to all users.

Work was estimated to take between 2-3 weeks but was completed within 2 weeks.

Many of the ruts and potholes have now been flattened or filled in with a new grit surface covering.

Some potholes near the northern end of the road were repaired, but the bulk of the work took place in the southern stretch leading down to Crow Point. Much of this section was in very poor condition and only suitable for walkers. The road can now be used by cyclists, horse riders and permitted vehicles.

Signs had indicated that the road would be shut up until February 2023, but this was simply to do with council licensing. These signs and the detour signs have now been removed and the cordoned area in Sandy Lane car park has been removed.

Repairs complete
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