Torrington gets new website

Torrington town square

Did you know Great Torrington is the healthiest place to live in Britain?

In July 2019, Great Torrington was reported to be the healthiest place to live in Britain according to research carried out by The University of Liverpool. The findings were based on the low levels of pollution, good access to green space plus access to shops and health services.

What the research doesn’t tell us is that Torrington is a beautiful market town deep in the heart of Tarka country, surrounded by hills, woodland and the river Torridge. It has a rich history and was once the site of a major battle during the English Civil War.

In order to celebrate everything that is great about Great Torrington, a new website has been commissioned by Great Torrington Town Council and local community groups.

The website is called One Great Torrington and is full of fascinating information, suggestions of things to do, local crafts, local events and much more.

Charlotte Kirby from Great Torrington Town Council says:

“Great Torrington Town Council is working with a local community group to promote shops, attractions etc in Great Torrington to both the local community and visitors to the area. A website outlining everything there is to do and see in and around Great Torrington has been developed for this purpose.”

The website and the town are both well worth a visit.

Visit One Great Torrington

Torrington gets new website
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