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Great Torrington is a market town rich in dark history yet surrounded by beautiful unspoilt countryside in the heart of Tarka country.

Follow the River Torridge into the heart of Tarka country

Great Torrington, often referred to as just Torrington is a market town rich in history and surrounded by beautiful unspoilt countryside in the heart of Tarka country.

During the English Civil War, the town was of strategic importance and in 1646 was the location for the Battle of Torrington. A museum and cafe in the town named Torrington 1646 will transport you back in time to those dark days and give you a chance to relive the battle for yourself.

Torrington is home to Dartington Crystal, the UK’s only remaining glass factory who offer a fascinating factory tour where you can watch skilled glass blowers creating some of the most beautiful glass products. There is also a shop to purchase some of the items.

The old railway station at Torrington is an ideal place to start your Tarka Trail adventure. A small car park enables easy and immediate access to the Tarka Trail. At this point the trail criss-crosses over the winding River Torridge through wooded valleys and vast river expanses, offering some of the most scenic sections of the Tarka Trail. A little further south is a section of the trail that is open to horses.

The Puffing Billy Trading Co. occupies the Victorian railway station, full of railway memorabilia and original features. Offering food and drink inside the station, and outside in the garden, the venue also hosts touring art exhibitions. A carvery on Sunday is great way to end your Tarka Trail journey.

A great new website is now available called One Great Torrington with more information about Great Torrington and the surrounding area:

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