Tarka Trail


Parking and access


Rail signal in Station Road Braunton by the Tarka Trail
Access to the Tarka Trail at Braunton starts at Caen Street Car Park.
From the car park, go around the back of the health centre and aim for a gate in the far left corner.
From here you will travel along Station Road until you reach an old railway signal post.
Turn right at the signal post and access to the Tarka Trail is on your left.


Tarka Trail sign at Barnstaple
When parking in Barnstaple, there is an option of two car parks. The car park at Barnstaple train station offers direct access to the trail, but the car park at Seven Brethren is bigger and less expensive with a set cost for the entire day.

The map blow shows how the road network links with a cycle path that travels under the road system to meet up with the Tarka Trail.

Fremington Quay

Fremington Quay cafe

At Fremington Quay there is parking just off the Tarka Trail offering direct access.  Take the B3233 Bickington road, then turn off at teh sign for Fremington Quay. Follow the single track lane down to the quay. Drive past the cafe to find car parking further along on the left. You can head south to Instow, Bideford and on to the end of the cycle track, or head north into Barnstaple, or continue on to Braunton. Parking here is free. There is a cafe, toilets and cycle hire available.


Instow offers direct access to the Tarka Trail via Sandhills car park. The car park is situated to the north of Instow and is accessible via the village centre. You can also access the cycle path from the south of the village via the Instow junction box, though parking is limited in that area. (The Tarka Trail is indicated by a green line on the map)