Tarka Trail


Water refilling

Water refiing points along the Tarka Trail

No need for disposable plastic bottles. Carry a water bottle and have it refilled at one of these locations. It’s free and environmentally friendly.

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30th September 2019

Yarde Orchard Cafe & Accommodation

Yarde Orchard
EX38 8QA
18th May 2018

Barnstaple Town Council

Barum House, The Square, Barnstaple
EX32 8NA
30th April 2019

The Quay Cafe, Braunton.

Velator, Braunton EX33 2DX, UK
EX33 2DX
17th March 2018

The Waterside

314 S W Coast Path, Chivenor, Barnstaple
EX31 4AY
18th May 2018

Boston Tea Party

21-22 Tuly St, Barnstaple
EX31 1DH