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Braunton Burrows

Panoramic view of Braunton Burrows


Braunton Burrows is a sand dune system on the North Devon coast, positioned between Saunton Sands beach and Braunton. Braunton Burrows is the largest sand dune system in England and is particularly important ecologically because it includes a complete range of dune plant communities, with over 400 vascular plant species. For example, this is one of only two sites in the UK for the Amber Sandbowl Snail Catinella arenaria, which is found on the wet dune slacks.

The Braunton Burrows welcomes dog walkers, but requests that dogs are kept under close control due to ground nesting birds and grazing cattle. It is important that you pick up after your dogs as the waste can have a detrimental effect on the environment. Horses are also welcome. The Burrows is often used by the military for training purposes so you may see or hear vehicles and blank rounds being fired.

The Route

The walk starts and ends at the Braunton Burrows car park at Sandy Lane. Leave the car park, heading (west) into the Burrows via the main gate and follow the signs for the South West Coastal Path.
After a short walk the coastal path bears right, but you will continue through another set of gates and into the Burrows. Please be aware that there are no sign posts on the Burrows, but the route follows a clear, defined vehicle track. The track is mostly sand, but can get muddy in parts and is prone to water logging during winter months.

The route takes you out into the Burrows where you will turn do a right turn, following a track which mostly follows the perimeter fencing. The Burrows are split into three zones and the walk takes place in Zone 2, so take care not to cross any fences. Eventually the track will loop back around and you will find yourself back at the track where your journey began.

Braunton Burrows
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