Tarka Trail


Horse riding

Horse riding is limited to one section of the South Loop on the Tarka Trail.

This is between the car park at Servis and the car park at Meeth Halt, however the parking of horse box vehicles is not permitted due to limited space.

OS Map Grid reference: SS47806 19235 – SS54680 07800

There are more locations throughout North Devon away from the Tarka Trail. Here is some further information from the Explore Devon website: https://www.exploredevon.info/horse-riding/

Guidance for horse riders on the Tarka Trail

  • The use of the Tarka Trail by horse riders does not create bridleway rights.
  • The route extends from the bridleway at Servis to Meeth Halt. Use of the
    Tarka Trail beyond these points is not permitted.
  • The route may only be joined or left at the public highway (or the
    bridleway at Servis). Other gates and access points may not be used.
  • Sorry, but the parking of horse boxes or vehicles used to bring horses to
    the Tarka Trail is not permitted in Tarka Trail car parks. Unfortunately
    space is tight.
  • Riders should give way to other users of the Tarka Trail.
  • All gates across the route should be left in a closed position.
  • Cantering or galloping is not permitted.
  • Jumps are not to be erected.
  • Riding in a group of more than 3 horses is not permitted.
  • Hunting or following a hunt is not permitted.
  • Lights shall be worn after dark.
Horse riding