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Beach clean this weekend

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The Tarka Trail follows the South West Coast path from Lynton along the North Devon coast, passing many of the region’s finest beaches. It is important for the environment, wildlife and visitors to keep the beaches clean and free of rubbish.

For many years, the main cause of litter on beaches came from visitors leaving behind their rubbish after a day on the beach. Through education, improved beach management and more litter bins, littering on beaches has reduced, but an even bigger threat has emerged from waste being washed up from the sea, in particular plastic waste, which does not break down or degrade.

Common items found on the beaches around North Devon include nylon ropes, plastic buckets and plastic buoys, lost from fishing boats. There is also the debris left behind by visitors, such as lost sandals, children’s buckets and spades or broken surf boards. As more plastic enters the world’s oceans, other items are now appearing on the beaches, with the most common culprit being plastic bottles, but you may also see many other plastic items or even discarded electrical goods that have found their way into the ocean and been carried for miles before landing on the beach.

The only way of dealing with this waste problem is by employing the help of volunteers to collect the rubbish by hand so it can then be properly dealt with or recycled. There are several beach cleaning events throughout the year organised by individuals and groups. One such group is the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) who organise ‘Beachwatch’ which is a national event to clean up beaches throughout the UK. As well as cleaning the beaches, Beachwatch also keeps a record of the amount and type of waste found.

This coming weekend there are Beachwatch events organised for several beaches in the south west with Woolacombe and Croyde being the nearest to the Tarka Trail.

The Woolacombe event is taking place on Saturday 15th September 2018 at 11.00am – 2:00pm meeting at Mill Rock

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The Croyde event is taking place on Sunday 16th September 2018 at 2:00pm – 3.30pm meeting at the beach entrance at Beach Road

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All MCS Beachwatch event require volunteers to register.



Beach clean this weekend