Tarka Trail


Coronavirus advice

Family cycle along Tarka Trail near Instow

All sections of The Tarka Trail including the South West Coastal Path and The Two Moors Way will remain open during the current isolation period.

However, the advice from the Government is to stay home and save lives. We are urging you to only visit your local stretch of the Tarka Trail as part of your allowed daily exercise and encourage you to strictly follow social distancing rules.

Driving for exercise is restricted

Driving to a location for exercise is restricted to a short drive within your locality. To discourage large numbers of visitors driving to the same place most car parks along the Tarka Trail are now closed.  Vehicles found to be blocking access routes will be asked to move or may even face prosecution. Access is still required for essential workers.

Keeping safe

Social distancing – Ensure you allow at least a 2metre gap between yourself and other Tarka Trail users.

Wash your hands – The virus can live for up to two days on surfaces such as gate posts, fences and latches. If possible use gloves to prevent passing on the virus and use hand sanitizer to prevent picking up the virus. Do not touch your face and wash your hands as quickly as possible.

Dogs – The virus cannot be contracted by dogs but, it can be transferred and live on their coat and feet. To prevent the possible transfer of the virus ensure your dogs are distanced from other dogs and people. This will probably require having them on a lead when passing others. Dogs should be under close control at all times on the Tarka Trail.

It is advisable to wash your dog’s feet before re-entering your home and washing their coat if they came into contact with other dogs or rubbed against fence posts etc.

Cyclists – Cyclists must keep their 2M distance as well as pedestrians. When passing other cyclists this may require slowing down. Please ensure you use your bell to warn other users that you are approaching or overtaking to allow them enough time to safely distance themselves.


We urge holidaymakers, second homeowners and campers not to visit the Tarka Trail or anywhere in the south west during the outbreak. It is not essential travel and places additional stress on the region’s emergency services and hospitals.

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