Tarka Trail


Social distancing on the Tarka Trail

social distancing on Tarka Trail

The Tarka Trail and associated footpaths throughout North Devon provide an ideal place to keep fit and get some fresh air at a time when we are all spending the majority of our time indoors.

However, we are receiving an increasing amount of complaints about a lack of social distancing and what may be considered inconsiderate behaviour along the trail and other foot paths.

We do not intend to close the Tarka Trail or any public footpaths and it simply isn’t possible to police all sections. All we can do is offer some common sense advice and trust that users of the trail are thoughtful, considerate and prepared to make some compromises during this difficult time.


Where possible, please keep to the left and allow room for runners and cyclists to pass on your right hand side. Keep your dogs under close control, using a lead if necessary.


Please keep the left whenever possible, reduce your speed and use your bell. Announce your presence earlier than normal to allow other users time to get to safe distance before you pass. If you are cycling in groups, please go to single file if the trail is busy.

We will all need to adapt, make compromises and get used to a new normal if we are to share and enjoy the Tarka Trail together.

Social distancing on the Tarka Trail