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Work begins on American Road

work on American Road

Road surface improvement work on the American Road through Braunton Burrows is now underway.

The work which is being carried out by contractors to the MOD and managed by Devon County Council has been scheduled to take place between the middle of August and ending in February 2023, though the contractors have stated the work should only take around three weeks.

What is affected?

The American Road forms part of the South West Coast Path and the Tarka Trail. The signposts direct walkers along a bridlepath which leads to Sandy Lane car park, from where they take the American Road down to Crow Point.

diversion signs on Braunton Burrows

There are now sign posts in place redirecting walkers from the bridlepath into and directly through the Burrows, rather than down to the car park. Please keep an eye for the diversion signposts.

This alternative route is only available to walkers. Unfortunately there is no alternative route for cyclists or horse riders.

The northern section of Sandy Lane car park, above Brimbles cafe has been temporarily fenced off to house building equipment and materials.

construction workers at Sandy Lane Car Park

Construction vehicles of all sizes are arriving, leaving and driving back and forth in and out of the car park which now only has one entrance and exit, so please care take approaching and leaving the car park.

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Work begins on American Road